Vote on the Top "Web 2.0" Startups

April 2006

A couple days ago I suggested to one of the organizers of the Web 2.0 Conference that that they should invite some little startups for free this year. Ironically there were few startups last year, because the conference cost so much that they couldn't afford it.

He said they'd been thinking of doing that, and asked who I thought they should invite. As I tried to think of a list, I realized there was a more "Web 2.0" way to do this: let everyone vote on it.

So I asked the guys at reddit to set up a special reddit for this purpose: Please submit and vote for your favorite startups. (You vote using the little arrows next to each name. You have to register to vote, but to register you only have to choose a username and password; you don't have to give your email address.)

Note that this is a list of startups, not applications. You'd nominate 37signals, not Basecamp specifically.

This list has no official connection to the conference. It's just an experiment to determine what the most admired Web 2.0 startups are.