Domain Support Group / iSupportNet

I was recently cold-called (on my cell phone) by a company called the Domain Support Group, which the woman on the phone said was a "transfer notification agent." I have been dealing with domain names for many years and I had never heard of "a transfer notification agent." I was suspicious, and it turns out I was right to be.

If you look at the front page of the Domain Support Group, it looks as if they are some kind of semi official organization. The page has just the kind of ugly look it would have if it were administered by ICANN, and it is sprinkled with quotes about ICANN's mission. Strangely, however, the page also had ads on it. I poked around further in the site, and got still more suspicious.

Meanwhile the woman on the phone transferred me to her supervisor. When I told him I had had domain names for many years and never had to deal with a "transfer notification agent," he just hung up. Apparently I am not the kind of prospect the Domain Support Group is looking for.

So then I went to Google and searched for "domain support group scam" and what do you know, I got search results:

Apparently the business of the Domain Support Group is to trick people into registering .us, .info, and .biz domain names. I hope this page adds to the search results about them.

This group also appears to operate under the name Internet Support Network, or iSupportNet.

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