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Accelerating Hindsight

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Beating the Averages

Being Popular

ACM Deutsch Interview

Usenix Deutsch Interview

Early History of Lisp

Elegant Lisp Programs

Evolution of Lisp

Gabriel's Essays

Growing a Language

Gwydion White Paper

Hints for Computer System Design

Histories of Discoveries of Continuations

History of T

Oleg Kiselyov's Macro Articles

KMP on Slashdot

Lisp is a Chameleon

Managing Software Engineers

Miles Egan: Evolving Lisp

My Programming Language Crisis

NASA Study: Lisp vs. Java

PL Renaissance

Python v(or rather i)s Lisp

Read Scheme

Revenge of the Nerds

RFSE (Original Lisp Paper)

Roots of Lisp

Scalable Languages

Re: Scheme or ML?

A Scheme Shell

A Scheme Story

Sexprs Colonize Java

Stallman's Lisp Experiences

Stoyan's History

Worse is Better